Academic Freedom, Self-Government, and the Common Good

A good education contributes to human flourishing. It cultivates individual happiness, and in turn augments the common good composed of those individuals.

Choosing Transformational Marriage

Marriage can’t be hacked. And it’s no surprise that successful marriages are those that thrive on transformational rather than ‘romantic’ virtues.

Bribing Capitalists

There is needed a new legal regime, one that realizes what the purpose of economic activity is, and that an economic system whose chief priority is making sure corporate profits can always rise higher and higher is a perversion of an economy.

Recalling the Call to Love

Personal vocation is a rich and robust personal reality that exceeds, while encompassing, one’s “state-in-life” and profession.

Political Reconciliation and the Defense of Marriage

Six points that show how restorative justice might offer a path forward in the marriage debate.