Adderall and Virtue

The “problem of modern technology” is leading to the abolition of culture, the decline of virtues, and the flourishing of vices; technology is supplanting our ability to be social beings.

The Neo-Conservative Imagination: An Interview with Patrick Deneen

What drives a neo-conservative reading of Catholic social teaching? And why does it cling so fast to capitalism as the great white hope?

A Catholic Case for Abandoning Social Networks

Examining the writings of our three most recent Popes raises questions about the fittingness of participation in the world of social networking.

Pillars of Sands: The Shifting Landscape of Education

Common Core is just a symptom of the larger issue of the removal of classically-understood truth, based on reason and nature, from society for the sake of progress.

The Twilight of Conservatism?

Conservatism must rediscover a greater sense of what it is for and a sense of enjoyment for such things.