The Catholic Tradition of the Arts: A Cantankerous Q & A

Art, in particular fine art, is a political and moral consideration. It is not extrinsic to the discussion of the good life in a good polis.

Against Minimalism

We should strive to cut down on the meaningless things in our lives, but unless we replace them with something meaningful, such reduction will be a Sisyphean task.

Does Evolution Nullify Human Meaningfulness?

Arguing that Darwinian evolution renders humanity meaningless constitutes a genetic fallacy according to which a thing is no more than the process by which it is made.

Christianity, Philosophy, and Public Education

We are at an impasse unless public philosophy can show what is clear to reason as a basis for public as well as private life.

Conservative Ideas Still Rising

Conservatives worried over the “future of think tanks” are right to ensure that advocacy is grounded in thoughtful ideas and policy work. But the think tank has always been an evolving concept, not a rigid model.