walker-percyA normal Wednesday afternoon—
Next movie show is starting soon.
But distraction begins to lose its power.
How now to while away the hours?

They say Sagan’s Cosmos says it all:
The Big Bang, Darwin, mindless law.
And I guess that’s fine as far as it goes.
But how I fit in? Hell if I know.


I come back home around 5PM.
Family’s in, but what to say to them?
Spend the night just watching the grass grow,
Or turn on the Walter Cronkite show?

There must be more to life than that:
Sound and fury, tit for tat.
When I can’t keep despair at bay,
Lord! how do I live my day-to-day?


But what if this cosmos is a stage
For our human drama page-to-page?
And maybe my script’s not found out there.
This present moment is my prayer.

So I pour myself a bourbon neat.
Embrace, not escape—this night I greet.
Eat dinner with my kids and wife:
The next little liturgy of life.


Love in the ruins, song in the sound.
I once was lost but now am found.