Corde Natus

Born from the heart of his parent
Before the world was begun
He is called Alpha and Omega,
He is the font and the conclusion
Of all that is, all that was,
And all that will come after.
Ages upon ages.

He commanded and they were created,
He spoke and they were made,
Lands, skies, oceans deep,
System of three things,
Everything which in them thrives beneath the height
Of the sun and the sphere of the moon.
Ages upon ages.

The form of a fallen body,
Members guilty of death
He assumed, lest a race be lost
First-created from that shoot,
Which the law had plunged into the depths
Of noxious hell.
Ages upon ages.

Oh that blessed birth,
The virgin through childbearing
Brought forth our salvation,
Made fertile by the Holy Spirit,
And her son, redeemer of the world,
Brought forth his sacred face.
Ages upon ages.

May the heights of heaven sing psalms,
Sing psalms, all you angels,
Whoever has strength anywhere
Sing psalms in praise of God,
May no tongue remain silent,
Let every voice resound together.
Ages upon ages.

Behold, the one whom ancient seers
Sang together in ages past,
The one whom faithful prophets
Avowed on their pages,
In times past the promise sprang forth;
May all praise him together.
Ages upon ages.

Rightful judge of the dead,
Rightful king of the living,
At the right of your Parent, on his throne
You are hidden among the excellent,
You will come from there
The rightful avenger of every crime.
Ages upon ages.

You old men and you young men,
Little boys in chorus,
Crowds of women, maidens,
Simple little girls,
In a voice of pure harmony
May they raise a loud concert.
Ages upon ages.

To you, Christ, with the Father
And the Holy Spirit, let there be
Hymns, glory, praise without ceasing,
Acts of grace,
Honor, virtue, victory,
Kingship eternal.
Ages upon ages.

— A literal translation by Rachel Meyer