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Two Approaches to the Future of Conversatism

Tim Colvin

Which path might conservatism take? Tolkien or Junger?

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Religious Freedom and Red Herrings

John Grondelski

The Church is not a grocery store. Our paradigms are all wrong. 

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Truth vs. Conscience: Against Alan Jacobs’ Defense of A Hidden Life

Audrey Pollnow

“A dogma is... an instrument of freedom and not of restriction. It preserves mystery for the human mind.”

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The (Ir)religion of Man 2020

Ralph Capone

The city of God is replaced by the Man’s city of harmony. The conclusion of this story is not unexpected – this revolution ends in failure. 

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Five Years After Marriage Equality

Stephen Adubato

At root here is a naive miscalculation of the metaphysical magnitude of human loneliness and the desire for intimacy. 

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'Safer at Home' Preserves Impoverished Black Families: A Critique of Child Protective Services

Lincoln Rice

Helping those who need additional protection during times of crisis and need. 

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Motherhood: First Disintegrating, Now Disappearing

John Grondelski

There should be no safer place for the beating heart of a child than beneath his mother’s.

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The Dignity of Work

Michael Morris

How should the idea of hands-on work play into our discussion of the human dignity we need in our economy?

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The New Religion of Greta Thunberg

Hrvoje Vargic

If someone has to save us from the destruction of the Earth, this will certainly not be the movement which created Greta.

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No, thanks. I'm not Giving.

Mattias A. Caro

When we Catholics speak of solidarity and subsidiarity—standing with one another and with those closest in need—we've got to think critically about the charities we support. 

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Fostering a Stay Against Political Absolutism

Bart Price

It’s hard to become political absolutists when we share community with others of unlike mind.

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How Not To Campaign Message

Casey Chalk

A return to the Reagan-era political messaging of unfettered capitalism, libertarian autonomous individualism, and globalist foreign policy is not the way forward for conservatism. 

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Just Peace Theory

Andrew Latham

The concept of Just Peace is highly problematic and the Church should resist the siren call of those who advocate its adoption as doctrine. 

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Should the Pro-Life Movement Support Kavanaugh?

Andrew Sorokowski

The answer seems self-evident. We need to build a jurisprudence of life. A Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade would be the endpoint, not the start, of the process.

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Why Brett Kavanaugh Must Go Down

Michael D'Emic

A Trump court is our best protection against the onslaught that may be coming our way. And Brett Kavanaugh is still a good man.

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Clarifications on 'Kavanaugh: The Cost of Trump'

Andrew M. Haines

There are three falsehoods I'd like to avoid, and that I'd like to make clear in case they weren't before. "Enlightened civic discourse" demands nothing less.

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Kavanaugh: The Cost of Trump

Andrew M. Haines

Kavanaugh's confirmation process has both enshrined Trumpian sexual deviancy and rendered the pro-life cause itself finally and utterly worthless.

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Unless the Tyrant's On Our Side

Andrew M. Haines

We believe there's a secret option, that there are better political instincts than those that have been tried before.

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C. S. Lewis on Hate, and Why He Was Only Partly Right

David Mills

We're tempted to hate the other as a way of loving ourselves and our causes. That makes the hatefulness and the exaggeration feel virtuous.

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