On the Pro-Life Direction of Providence: The Christian Withdrawal from Killing

David Franks

Being pro-life means, first of all, feeling the urgency to restore the right to life of each innocent human being in law.

"There is No Truth"?

Gui Freitas

It is obvious that when Truth itself falls apart then morality itself decays.

Finding the Good in Every Homily

David Mills

The Church wastes a huge amount of her capital, her unique opportunities to speak to people who put themselves in the position of hearing what she has to say.

This New Year, Act More Leisurely

Bart Price

Doing an activity – even work – in a leisurely spirit, in an awareness of God’s presence, is one of the most useless activities we could do. 

Jesus vs. the Zombies: An Advent Meditation

David Mills

"The more we try to ignore death, the more it fascinates us. The more we tell ourselves that mortality doesn’t apply to us, the more it surrounds us."

How to Understand the Catholic Sex Abuse Crisis

Andrew M. Haines

The sooner we reject false fatalism, the sooner we can get on with addressing the Church's deepest problems at their root.

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'Man By Man, Become a Choir'

Andrew M. Haines

We should demand bishops who are willing to accept their "special responsibility." And we should strive to be as harmonious as possible.

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We Still Need Apostolic Bishops

Andrew M. Haines

For all the failures of the American bishops, it would be foolish to suppose they're anything less than successors to the Apostles. But if we believe this, we should vigorously demand it. 

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A Dueling Church

Gabe Jones

The future direction of the Catholic Church following the 2018 Youth Synod will be revealed only as our present youth begin to take on leadership in the Church.

Avoiding Social Media's Toxic Catholicism

Mattias A. Caro

We can't possibly be part of a solution to the current crisis. We are also not part of the problem. But we'll never know enough to resolve it.

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How Not To Campaign Message

Casey Chalk

A return to the Reagan-era political messaging of unfettered capitalism, libertarian autonomous individualism, and globalist foreign policy is not the way forward for conservatism. 

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The Synod and the Crucible

Andrew M. Haines

The youth synod is timely, but extremely ironic. We can't really hope that trends in faith or vocations will change anytime soon.

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On Reading Well: An Interview with Dr. Karen Swallow Prior

Anthony M. Barr

So much of living in a secularized culture is doing the work of translation and authentication: restating God’s truth in terms the world can understand and identifying the true works of God and his church from the false ones.

Virtue Art

My Meeting with Cardinal Law

Andrew M. Haines

My Catholic identity still rests on elements of faith instilled in my childhood. Not on a keen sense for sniffing out good churchmen.

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The Lower Demons of Our Nature

Max Bindernagel

Insofar as there is an infusion of grace, a new order of peace, reason, and justice ought to reign among those grafted onto Christ in baptism.  


Just Peace Theory

Andrew Latham

The concept of Just Peace is highly problematic and the Church should resist the siren call of those who advocate its adoption as doctrine. 

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Should the Pro-Life Movement Support Kavanaugh?

Andrew Sorokowski

The answer seems self-evident. We need to build a jurisprudence of life. A Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade would be the endpoint, not the start, of the process.

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Why Brett Kavanaugh Must Go Down

Michael D'Emic

A Trump court is our best protection against the onslaught that may be coming our way. And Brett Kavanaugh is still a good man.

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Virtue and Sex

Craig Michael White

When the daily patterns of life in our culture do not align with our true ends as virtuous persons, we all have a problem. 


Clarifications on 'Kavanaugh: The Cost of Trump'

Andrew M. Haines

There are three falsehoods I'd like to avoid, and that I'd like to make clear in case they weren't before. "Enlightened civic discourse" demands nothing less.

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