A Time for Solidarity

Mattias A. Caro

Christ asks us to comfort and console one another. Not to be naively confident or combative. Humble solidarity strengthens and nurtures our faith.


Is the Catechism Irrelevant?

Andrew M. Haines

The Catechism, today, shows more about the distortions of Catholic intellectualism than a failure by the Church to teach the truth.

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Attacking Our Mother? The Battle Against Liberalism

Craig Michael White

Attacking liberalism, for Americans, feels a bit like attacking your mother: it is the set of political ideas of the Founders. 


Send Them on Missions

Mattias A. Caro

It's impractical to send all priests to poor countries. But the call to radical evangelism exists even in the heart of the richest country on earth.


Pope Francis and the Death Penalty: Has the Church's Teaching Changed?

Andrew M. Haines

Francis's teaching on capital punishment represents a discontinuity in the life of the Church. But one that highlights a deeper continuity.

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A War College for Bishops

Mattias A. Caro

Let's establish in the United States a standing, monastic seminary for the formation of prelates. 

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Law is Inherently Violent?

Mattias A. Caro

A "law is violence" approach is anti-intellectual, anti-Western, and certainly anti-Christian since it reduces man's highest good and moral flourishing to the sum of his basest desires for self-preservation. 

Unless the Tyrant's On Our Side

Andrew M. Haines

We believe there's a secret option, that there are better political instincts than those that have been tried before.

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Piety and Being an American

Mattias A. Caro

Catholics in America have a special role to play, by informing an important virtue without falling into its excesses.

C. S. Lewis on Hate, and Why He Was Only Partly Right

David Mills

We're tempted to hate the other as a way of loving ourselves and our causes. That makes the hatefulness and the exaggeration feel virtuous.

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Sex and the City of God

Andrew M. Haines

We're all victims, and enablers, in a culture of addiction that's endemic to Christians as much as anyone else.

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I'm a Distracted Father, Like God

Andrew M. Haines

What good happens in spite of my shortcomings, because of my nature, isn't an accident, but a participation in God's life, and in his design for fatherhood.

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Religious Liberty and the Option for the Poor

Aaron Taylor

The popes remind us that libertarian regimes create their own victims, and that we have social and political responsibilities toward them.

Against Self-Help Catholicism

Mattias A. Caro

The affront of neo-Pelagian truths is that they replace the life of grace in favor of the quick seduction of knowledge, which if we only had access to, we would be more like God.

Talking with Jesuits

Andrew M. Haines

The present moment, both for the Church and for humanity, is one that we should entrust a bit more to "jesuitical" brilliance.

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Jefferson Was Wrong: Freedom, Truth, and Liberalism

Craig Michael White

Love for ourselves is a duty, not an option, but so is love for those around us, for our societies, for all of humanity, and for the creation itself

Ireland’s Abortion Referendum: What Did Irish Voters Sign Up For?

Michael D'Emic

The “Yes” victory illustrates a new, sinister rending of human being-ness from any hope for moral objectivity.

Materialism is a Personal Cancer

Andrew M. Haines

The cure to materialism is equally caustic. It affects our scientific mind, and even dimensions of our apparent psychological well-being.

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Confessing Our Way to Vocational Discernment

Mattias A. Caro

In a world where the millennial seek their place and woke means, I suppose, being "really aware," confession works as the sacrament that brings us back to our calling in the present moment.

Two Ways to Be Political

Andrew M. Haines

For Christians to be politically significant, we must do more than just participate in the political activities that are handed to us. We must set a political agenda through our personal choices.

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