Humility + Ambition = Magnanimity

Mattias A. Caro

If ambition and humility are to meet, it is around a process that realizes what is achievable and to recognize that achievement as worth the effort.

The Pain of Pope Benedict's Resignation

Andrew M. Haines

The personal decision of the Holy Father was a final public instruction on the practical, sometimes uncomfortable character of deep faith expected for each and every Christian.

The papacy The church

The False Cause: Finding Capitalism and Big Government in the Antebellum South

Casey Chalk

We should seek to apply a critical eye to any narrative that prioritizes sentimentalist nostalgia over historical truth.

In Defense of Being Woke

Anthony M. Barr

Apricity and Advent

Mattias A. Caro

On the Unseen Racism

David Mills

In trying to discern the truth, we need to exercise a preferential option for the marginalized. We should weight their stories more heavily than our observations.

Questions in the Silence

Stephen Adubato