A Tale of Two Easters

Ryan Hunter

Christ Sol Invictus: A Way Out of Our Christian Epistemological Crisis

Andrew M. Haines

The prick of the inevitable “perhaps” in our mind is an indirect perception of the Son of God; the Unconquered Sun who knows us, and whose knowledge of us causes us to be able to know at all.

Theology Philosophy God

Duc In Altum: Ratzinger's 'Ocean of Uncertainty' and Our Present Epistemological Crisis

Andrew M. Haines

The ocean of uncertainty is the spot we have been assigned for our faith. And until belief is rejected, its unrejectability remains obscure.

Philosophy Essential God

A Church Loved, Not Criticized

Andrew M. Haines

We should recall and speak first of “God’s wisdom, mysterious, hidden, which God predetermined before the ages for our glory."

Theology The church