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Elard Koch

Getting it Right on Abortion in Chile: A Necessary Correction in The Guardian

Dr. Elard Koch examines and corrects claims made in a Guardian article concerning Chile’s maternal death and abortion rates.

Bob Burkett

On Civilizations and Sex

Sexual restraint and ethics are not products of an ancient past that “progress” can replace; they are the lynchpin of all of technological and scientific progress.

How The Morning-After Pill Lied to the Average American Woman

Recently published information reveals that emergency contraception is less effective (and may be completely ineffective) for a majority of U.S. women due to their body weight.

An Open Letter to Barbara Boxer: Most Women Use Contraception to Contracept

Contraception is overwhelmingly the reason why women use contraceptives, while any secondary and tertiary side-effects are a mere afterthought for most users.

Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig

Non-Monogamy: Sin By Any Other Name

If we accept that monogamy and non-monogamy exist as neutral alternatives, then God’s commandment to observe sexuality strictly on monogamous, marital terms seems an arbitrary choice.

Chrissy Wing

The Paradox of Crunchy Women and Chemical Birth Control

Simple conveniences are often the most toxic and destructive: hormone-driven mass produced meat, instant Ramen noodles; and birth control is no exception.

Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig

Choosing Transformational Marriage

Marriage can’t be hacked. And it’s no surprise that successful marriages are those that thrive on transformational rather than ‘romantic’ virtues.

Michael Bradley

Contraception et al.: Compelling ‘Public Health’ Interests?

Nothing alters the reality that abortifacients, contraceptives, and sterilization services are really not dimensions of “healthcare,” for they do nothing to foster health.