The Whole Story

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Christopher Tollefsen

Pornography, God, and Universities

Pornography diminishes our freedom and erodes our grasp of truths about sex, marriage, family, self, society, reality, time, and God. If so, the widespread presence and use of pornography on a university campus should be a source of very great concern.

Michael Bradley

Redeemed by Grace, Liberated for Truth

Ignatius Press introduces Redeemed by Grace, Ramona Treviño’s moving account of her journey from successful Planned Parenthood manager to pro-life activist.

Leah Libresco

A New Danger to Expecting Mothers: Statistical Illiteracy

The very way we talk about the accuracy of a medical test is flawed. Yet correcting these biases and misunderstandings isn’t just a matter of urging a patient not to take a test too seriously; sometimes the right answer is not to do a kitchen sink screening test at all.

Patrick Lee

Total Brain Death is a Valid Criterion of Death

Even if brain-dead bodies do possess coordinated living functions of some sort, they are clearly not sentient organisms, and therefore not human organisms. Whenever total brain death does occur, the human organism has died.

Laurie DeRose

AIDS Prevention: More Difficult than the ABCs

In other words, the same education that may keep them out of poverty and give them more control over sex in the long-run costs them control over sex in the short-run. It isn’t as easy as ABC. Economic dependency makes both abstinence and condom usage problematic.

Laurie DeRose

More Female Empowerment, Fewer Children?

Laurie F. DeRose corrects the narrative that decreased fertility rates necessarily reflect greater female empowerment, warning that advocacy for women’s empowerment as a population policy ought to take to heart three key truths.

John Brungardt

The Difference Between Ivory-Tower and Street-Level Scientism

Our street-level scientism needs a cure: a liberally educated approach that sees the harmony in the whole of truth toward which we run both by the love of myth and by love of wisdom itself.

Morgan Bennett

The Social & Cultural Poverty of Pornography: When the New Narcotic Shapes Society

The widespread consumption of internet pornography is resulting in more than addiction. The incentive structures created by internet pornography undermine the most basic and crucial institutions of a healthy society and promote social and cultural poverty.