Book Review: The Ox-Herder and the Good Shepherd

Addison Hodges Hart, in The Ox-Herder and the Good Shepherd, offers a wonderful exercise in comparative religion, examining the common ground that can be found in spiritual practice between Christianity and Buddhism.

Book Review: The Forgotten Faith

The Forgotten Faith offers a helpful introduction to American Orthodox Christianity for interested Protestants.

The Benedict Option Doesn’t Exist

If Rod Dreher’s version of the Benedict Option does not have any connection to the historical St. Benedict, does it really exist?

Conservatism, Progressivism, and Thanksgiving

Adopting thankfulness as one’s orientation toward human experience and history requires a hermeneutic grounded in virtue and asceticism, open to both societal reform and moral progress.

Ducking the Question: Bodily Semiotics

Children in traditional cultures in the West face severe stress regarding their anthropology and cosmology of sex, in the face of those seeking in effect to eradicate their sexual identities.

Ecumenical Patriarch Weighs in on the Virginity Debate

The Ecumenical Patriarch’s brief treatment of virginity, alongside the sanctity of life and the good of the family, highlights its importance as a witness to the world of humanity’s transcended destiny.

Prefacing Yoder: On Preaching and Practice

How ought Christians to view theologians or pastors whose life at times fell sorely short of their own teachings or calling?

Busyness and Askesis: An Advent Reflection

Busyness can be the adversary of Advent, but it need not be. Instead, the season can be a time for us to examine and practice how our busyness itself can be transfigured by the life of the Church for both the kingdom of God and the common good.

Cruelty Catching Fire: Violence, Voyeurism, and The Hunger Games

Perhaps we watch The Hunger Games to prove to ourselves that our national pastime of voyeurism could be worse; at least we are not watching reality shows of children killing each other.

Book Review: Creation and the Heart of Man

A new book from the Acton Institute explores environmentalism from an Orthodox perspective.