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Mentors and Heroes: Hadley Arkes

Professor Arkes always asked his students to become better than they were, writes Susannah Black. He did this by asking them to think more clearly than they did, to read more carefully, to state their case more precisely.

Susannah Black

April 21, 2016

Education for Those Who Love Too Little and Know Too Little

A nineteenth-century Frenchman can help us find a way out of our cultural struggles, writes Jonathan Bishop, and it isn’t Tocqueville. It’s Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon, founder of the Assumptionists.

Jonathan Bishop

April 20, 2016

The Mass and Human Pain

Very little that people can say can make you feel better when you watch someone you love suffer, David Mills notes from his own experience, but the Mass can make you happy.

David Mills

April 17, 2016

Love in Dreams, Love in Action, and the Freedom Not to Judge the Poor

Christ has liberated us from the need to judge the poor, writes Nicholas Lund-Molfese, director of a Catholic Worker farm. Judging is exhausting, and also dangerous.

Nicholas Lund-Molfese

April 8, 2016

Should Catholics Do Anything on a Sunday?

A Catholic way of living the Sabbath often requires doing more of a different kind of work, writes Mattias Caro. Spending last Sunday re-digging a ditch reminded him of that.

Mattias A. Caro

April 4, 2016

Murdered Christian in Lahore, Vulnerable Christians in Bangkok

Two Pakistani teenagers acting as pallbearers at a Thai Catholic’s funeral reveal what has been done to Pakistani Christians in their home country, and what is now not being done for them by the West, writes Casey Chalk.

Casey Chalk

April 1, 2016