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The Detached Servants of Christ the King, and of Caesar

As Catholics celebrate the Feast of Christ the King this week, writes Mattias Caro, they ought to renew their commitment to detachment from the concerns of this world to better serve both God and man.

Mattias A. Caro

November 23, 2015

James Schall’s Catholic Realism

Drawing upon James Schall’s insights, Peter Augustine Lawler argues that the Catholic Church is nearly the sole source of a genuinely reasonable—meaning a genuinely realistic—view of “what is.”

Peter Augustine Lawler

November 20, 2015

What I Want From Catholics: Read the Bible More

A survey of his ex-Catholic friends found they’d left the Church to find a deeper relation with Scripture, Bob Hartman writes, a finding confirmed by his not-ex-Catholic friends.

Bob Hartman

November 18, 2015

Being Christians After Paris

Now is the time to save the West. The choices are simple, writes Andrew Haines, and for most Christians much more personal than political.

Andrew M. Haines

November 17, 2015

A Non-Sectarian Guide to Our Cultural Crisis

To others, Christians concerned about the culture sound like whiners trying to grab power. Peter J. Leithart suggests ways to show those others that they should be as concerned as we are.

Peter J. Leithart

November 16, 2015

Kicking Email to the Curb

Instituting an “email fast” is a small way to find peace, writes Mattias Caro, but it does not permanently resolve the tension between the Christian life and the anxiety of the world.

Mattias A. Caro

November 15, 2015