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The Editors

TWS Bi-Weekly Update

This week, a look at the hidden costs of egg donation, abortion waiting periods, methodological disputes over Mark Regnerus’ study on family structures, and public opinion on physician assisted suicide.

Audra Nakas

Flawed Scientists, Flawed Science

A reality check on the powers and limitations of science would do us good.

Taking a Chance on Someone New

We eat and drink, love and laugh, and quarrel and cry with those who are our own flesh and blood. Does it get any more real than this?

Angela Engelsen

The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

The extraordinary shines through the ordinary moments of our sometimes crazy daily life, bringing a richness that makes life fun and interesting.

Emily Lindley

Parenting When It’s Hard

Are we losing the ability to do something good just because it is hard?

Michael Bradley

Unmarried Childbearing and Elected Infertility

Furthering a healthy marriage culture in which children know the stable and committed love of their married parents is a multifaceted endeavor.

Kathryn Wales

Parenthood: It Builds Character

Human souls have inherent value and last forever. As I struggle to cultivate the unique characters of my sons, I know that they are doing the same for me.

Rachel Meyer

A Heart Undivided: Why I Chose Children

If I am going to give the best of myself to a noble outside cause, why divide myself between it and my husband, belonging completely to neither?