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The Editors

TWS Bi-Weekly Roundup: Planned Parenthood Video Scandal

This week, a roundup of articles and commentary surrounding the undercover Planned Parenthood videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.

Maureen Condic

Genome Editing: With Power Comes Responsibility

If genome editing is used as a eugenic tool to produce “superior” human beings, it raises serious ethical concerns that society cannot afford to leave in the hands of scientists alone.

Audra Nakas

Abortion Study Provides Incomplete Picture

Even if it is true that most women obtaining abortions do not regret them, it is also true that most women who carry their children to term, even if originally intending to have an abortion, are happy they did so.

Laurie DeRose

Women’s Autonomy and Polygamy: Progress Creates a Paradox

Gender equity is far better than women’s covert contraceptive use and far better than men deciding how many children their wives can have.

The God of Surprises

As our theories reveal patterns and regularities, and as the language of mathematics pushes the theories to ever-greater precision and predictability, we gain glimpses into the beauty of God’s creation.

The Editors

TWS Bi-Weekly Roundup

This week, a look at attempts to elude mortality, the Jenner controversy, numbers on sex-ed and on same-sex sexual experiences, and the new “female Viagra” pill.

Michael Bradley

Til We Do Us Part?

Our culture assumes that cohabitation is normal, but it’s always wrong and doesn’t help couples discern “marital compatibility,” as it’s often thought to.

The Editors

TWS Bi-Weekly Update

This week, a look at the hidden costs of egg donation, abortion waiting periods, methodological disputes over Mark Regnerus’ study on family structures, and public opinion on physician assisted suicide.