Scapegoats of Christian Social Thought

Constructive Christian social thought will refuse to entertain argumentative scapegoats.

The Common Good of All

Ironically, what we need most of all to promote the universal common good is not a world political authority, but a world spiritual authority.

The Forgotten Good of American Individualism

Christian apologists and social critics would do well not simply to point out the limitations but also the strengths of individualism and so the dangers as well as the opportunities it affords the Church.

The New Martyr Saint Valentine

With gracious permission from the Orthodox Monastic Cell of Saint John the Divine, Ethika Politika is pleased to republish the account of a 20th-century saint and martyr: Father Valentine Sventitsky.

Book Review: The Ox-Herder and the Good Shepherd

Addison Hodges Hart, in The Ox-Herder and the Good Shepherd, offers a wonderful exercise in comparative religion, examining the common ground that can be found in spiritual practice between Christianity and Buddhism.

Book Review: The Forgotten Faith

The Forgotten Faith offers a helpful introduction to American Orthodox Christianity for interested Protestants.

The Benedict Option Doesn’t Exist

If Rod Dreher’s version of the Benedict Option does not have any connection to the historical St. Benedict, does it really exist?

Conservatism, Progressivism, and Thanksgiving

Adopting thankfulness as one’s orientation toward human experience and history requires a hermeneutic grounded in virtue and asceticism, open to both societal reform and moral progress.